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Future role models

We go beyond football


The Mugeta Soccer Academy (MSA) supports young people by using the power of Sports and education to teach health and life skills. The MSA program wants to prevent anti-social behaviors, such as drug use and other criminal activities with providing an alternative (sport) for the youth. MSA was founded for young people who wants to make a positive change in their lives.

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House Renovation Percentage reaching 90%

We are happy to update you that House renovation has reached 90%. Thank you everyone for taking your minute to support renovation progress, special thanks to our ambassadors, this Program would not have been possible without your generous Support.

We kindly ask you all to continue supporting us with the rest,as we only left with 10% to complete the house. Also we need Your Support on Mattresses and beds for our Young Lads.

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Future role models

Girls Project

Girls are you ready?

We are gladly looking forward to give girls opportunity. It will be motivating and incredible having them as a part of MSA

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The new Home for our Children

Ambassador 5

We rented this house for our Children in 2020, now we are starting to renovate the House. Therefore we need your support in order to raise an annual goal of 1800€ (equal to 150€ in monthly basis) . We want to built a new classroom for the children for supporting them in school.

Help kids with your donation from 1€ to have a secured accommodation place


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School books

We want to raise 200€ which is cost of books and library services for our children

Help our children education by a donation of 1€ or more to buy a schoolbook


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Table and Chair

We want to raise 900€ for purchasing 60 chairs for our children

You can help with your donation: Tables and Chairs for 1€ or more


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Daily Meal

To keep it running we need to buy food, in one week we spend 150€ to 200€ for food. You can support us with your donation of 1€ or more to help one of our Children and spend 5€ for one Week of Food.


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We want to raise 1200€ for purchasing 56 mattress for our children where each costs 20€ as well as 28 Double Decker beds (each unit cost at 95€ resulting to a total of 4000€ for Double Decker beds only)

Our Program is growing fast. We now support more than 300 Children a Day. For some of them we take care direct after school. They get a daily meal and tutoring. At the moment we have around 50 to 75 Children in this Program.

Help our children to have safe accommodation by donating 1€ or more


Our Ambassadors

Ambassador 2

Benjamin Pfahler

Head Coach for Freiburger FC

" Mugeta Soccer Academy, MSA is a very interesting project. Sincerely I will do my best to help the project succeed as it deserves to be, with the aim of creating best future for young people. I am excited to do my best in helping such a wonderful community. "

Ambassador 3

Falko Weis

Sportdirektor for Freiburger FC

" The Work of the Mugeta Soccer Academy is incredible. To give children und young people the opportunity to live their dreams and to develop their social skills is the best way of making our societies better. That‘s why I support Emily Mugeta in his work. "

Ambassador 4

Deborah Rosen


" Emily Mugeta, the founder of the Mugeta Soccer Academy, always has the academy on his mind. Thinking of ways to support the children and help them to achieve their goals. It’s rare to meet someone so enthusiastic who is also pro-active in making a big impact. You have my support! "

Ambassador 5

Leon Rump

Player for SV Endingen

" The Mugeta Soccer Acadamy is a safe harbour and provides means for schooling and sports. In keeping the dreams of hundreds of kids alive, he paves their way to a brighter future. I feel honored to contribute my moderate part to this success story "


Want to join us?

Visit us at Ukerewe island in Tanzania

Join our team

As an intern

While visiting Mugeta Soccer Academy (MSA), you will enjoy the biodiversity hotspots and the island tour of the fifth-largest lake island in the world.


Join our team

As an volunteer

Supporting us a volunteer will add value for every young player who wants to improve his game knows how important it is to train hard to become a great soccer player.


The future of our young lads is brighter

Gratefulness of youth to MSA

Our Appreciations

Our Appreciations

Dear all, MSA would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thankfulness to all who continue to contribute on this project. Your unceasing support is well appreciated and it really touches life of many.

Your donation couldn't have come at a better time. We were facing uncertainty future before your kindness saved the day.

Thanks for your donations.

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